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1   Link   A Climate For Change
A Climate For Change is a community social networking & news site focussed on climate change. The site was developed by Oxfam Australia
2   Link   Friends of the Earth Adelaide
As one of South Australia’s foremost community campaign organisations, Friends of the Earth Adelaide works to address social and environmental justice issues through community action. In addition to campaigners working with on earth jurisprudence, climate justice and urban issues, Friends of the Earth Adelaide has two primary campaign collectives that welcome your involvement!
3   Link   Beyond Zero Emissions
Beyond Zero Emissions Inc. is a not-for-profit, volunteer run organisation. Our core goal is to facilitate the implementation of the social changes and technologies that will reduce the impacts of climate change and give our society and global ecosystems a chance of surviving into the future.
4   Link   CANA - Climate Action Network Australia
Climate Action Network Australia (CANA), the Australian branch of the global CAN network, is an alliance of over 65 regional, state and national environmental, health, community development, and research groups from throughout Australia.
5   Link   CLEAN SA
Climate Emergency Action Network (CLEAN) was established in Adelaide as a response to climate emergency. It will assist in co-ordinating and supporting local groups to publicise, inform, lobby, and organise on matters of climate change.
6   Link   CEN - Climate Emergency Network
Climate Emergency Network was established in February 2008 in response to, and in support of the publication of "Climate Code Red: the case for emergency action" by David Spratt and Philip Sutton (www.climatecodered.net).
7   Link   The Climate Institute
Established in late 2005, The Climate Institute is a non-partisan, independent research organisation that works with community, business and government to drive innovative and effective climate change solutions. We research. We educate. We communicate.
8   Link   Conservation Council of South Australia
The Conservation Council of South Australia is an umbrella organisation representing over 50 member groups whose main purpose is conservation and protection of the environment. Combined, these groups represent over 60,000 South Australians. CCSA is an independent, non profit and strictly non party political organisation funded by donations, grants and support from the Community.
9   Link   Sustainable Communities Norwood-Payneham-St Peters
Sustainable Communities NPSP is a community-based organisation in the Norwood-Payneham-St Peters Local Government area of Adelaide. We invite people who wish to make a commitment to reducing their ecological footprint to join. Our aim is to work together to reduce our use of the earth’s resources and to learn to live differently and cooperatively.
10   Link   Sustainable Communities Adelaide Hills
We are a recently founded grass roots group, working towards creating a resilient and flourishing hills community in order to tackle the challenges of climate change and peak oil.
11   Link   Zero Carbon Network
The Zero Carbon Network is a coalition of consumers, businesses and not-for-profit organisations that are committed to reducing and counteracting climate change.
12   Link   Adelaide Greenies Calendar
A calendar of environmentally-friendly and socially-conscious events in Adelaide.
13   Link   Carbon Equity
A climate change education and advocacy NGO, based in Melbourne.
14   Link   Recent Environment Stories on Radio National
List of MP3 media dowloads of programs and stories relevant to Climate Change and Environment.